Reply To: Master Swim Program Present Swim Video Analysis

Romain Taravella


I was there. They spotted some good aspects… and many more not so good things that I need to work on, including hand position (crossing over on one side [I thought I fixed it] and pulling wide on the other), body position (I was sure I was horizontal… well not really especially when tired), extension (I thought I had the tendency to glide too much and lose momentum… now it seems I am not extending enough). So yes, really interesting feedback that should help me dial-in the things I was already working on. I am looking forward to see the video and the analysis.

Drill-wise, I was thinking of including some quality snorkel lengths for the hand position, focusing on my body position in the last set of each workout, and try to find the sweet spot for gliding/extending without losing momentum. Would you have a drill in mind that could help me find this sweet spot?