Reply To: Master Swim Program Present Swim Video Analysis


Great feedback Romain!  Yes, seeing your stroke can really be eye opening as you are learning!

As for your drill on finding your sweet spot, a perfect drill would be swim golf.  This is a combination of distance per stroke, as well as timing your lap.  Here is a description of the drill.

‘Swim several long, easy sets to warm-up. Focus on form. Then swim 4 x 50 at your T-pace with 1 minute rest intervals. Record your time for each 50 and count your strokes (both hands) for each 50. Add your time (seconds) for each 50 to the total number of strokes for each 50 for your score. For example, a 50 in 45 sec with 19 strokes each length would be 83 (45 + 19 + 19 = 83). The lower your score the better. Record your scores in your log. Cool down with several long, easy sets working on form.’

My recommendation would be to start with 25’s (instead of 50’s).  Figure out what works for you at this distance, then scale it to 50’s.  The point here is to find the ‘sweet spot’ where you are achieving the correct turnover that makes you the most efficient and takes the least amount of time.  *Please note that this is not swimming in the least amount of time.  It’s finding where you are most efficient (and often this leads to being the fastest).

Nice work Romain getting more eyes on your stroke!