Reply To: TrainingPeaks question


Whoa!  -40.  While I never want to discourage anyone from providing feedback, I also want to make sure that we keep you all in one piece. I normally do not recommend TSB (or form) numbers less than -30 (particularly if you are a less seasoned athlete).  You drastically increase your risk for injury, illness or overtraining.   Two of my athletes just completed peak week for IMTX and their TSB’s were in the high -20’s.  Right where we want them.

Likely most of this is irrelevant talk to many of you.  No fear!  The important part here is confirming that there is a strong science behind your training and racing.  And that adding in races mid build cycle can have a negative impact.  While this is a steep learning curve, here is a great place to get started.

  1.  Take on your bike baseline test (HR and/or power) and your run baseline test.  For most of you, that happens this week!
  2. Find your LT for both, as well as your FTP if you are using power.  Plug them into TP and calculate your zones.
  3. Start using your zones and uploading your data into Training Peaks. It’s a one time sync.

In order to have enough data to start tracking these metrics, you need 6-8 weeks of data.  If you are new to Training Peaks, this will allow you to start capturing the data that you need IF you want to better understand the science or if you end up working with a coach at some point.  For those who have previously been using Training Peaks, you can start using the data to better understand how to train and race.

Is this more than you hope for, Hope? 🙂 The more you know!