Reply To: Master Swim Program Present Swim Video Analysis

Romain Taravella

Hi AJ!

I tried the gold swim test (went for the 50m, since 25m can be so variable I feel), but I struggled a bit to keep the count of my strokes and focus at the same time on the key things I need to focus on in order to have a not-too-bad swimming form. So I ended up relying on my watch for the stoke rate. But I guess it is not super accurate. I will do it again during the recovery week. One question: should the 4x50m (or 4x25m) be done at the same intensity or should I descend from the slower end of my T-pace to a more pushy T-pace to see more variations in the golf number?

One thing I did well though over the past 2 weeks is “checking the boxes” of my body position at the end of the swim session. And this proved to be quite helpful.

Last thing: I think I have not received yet the video and analysis from the Master Swim Program. Has it been sent to everyone already?