Reply To: Master Swim Program Present Swim Video Analysis


Yes, Charlie, even I was impressed with the detail and thoroughness of the feedback offered.  They did not spare an opportunity to advance your stroke!  100% of the videos that I have reviewed had the same issue, dropped elbow.  Fist drill, triangle drill, dryland work will all help! Science suggests that it take 10,000 repetitions to change and ingrain new form.  That is a lot of practicing of the correct form!

Romaine, nice work taking on the drill work!  First off, I never recommend trying to work on more than one thing at a time.  It just won’t work.  So pick one thing to work on, work to implement it during drills, during your main sets, etc.  However don’t try to do a drill working on several items.

As for the swim golf drill, honestly, t-pace has nothing to do with it.  The purpose here is to learn what stroke rate ends up being most efficient (and therefore fastest) for you. Most athletes turn over too fast, expending too much energy and what most will find it that it ends up being their slowest as well (while watching the clock).

With this drill, what we are trying to do is get you longer in the water and slow down your stroke rate.  However you can slow your rate too slow that you basically don’t move forward (Please note: this happens must less often than overswimming).  However the point here is finding the right stroke rate that ends up being most efficient (and therefore fastest) for you.  This is your sweet spot!  Once you find your sweet spot, this will help you optimize your t-pace.  However your t-pace should not drive it at all.

So count your strokes and watch the clock to find that sweet spot (which is why I recommended starting with 25’s and then scaling to 50’s).

Finally, the feedback was emailed to everyone that participated last week.  If you have not received yours for some reason (did you check on your spam folder on April 1?), please email master’s.  They can work with you to resolve the issue. The email address is

Great feedback everyone! And even if you did not participate, there is so much to learn from everyone else’s experience (and the feedback provided)!