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Survey response about value of membership: DCTri’s membership is really accessible. I am sad to have moved away from such a strong community. I made friends in NTP in 2016 that I continued to train alongside in the HIP and OSP programs. I lived close to Wilson so the morning Master’s and weekly track practice were a regular part of my routine. As someone on a small income, I appreciated how accessible the club’s programs’s were in terms of cost and how other events (track & winter marathon training) were free. DCTri was a wonderful place to grow within, and I felt really supported.


President’s reply: I want to say both “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” I am sorry that you moved away from the area. You are welcome back any time! I am so happy to hear that you had such a great experience during your stint in the Club while in the DC area. And I love hearing that you had such a great time in NTP and made such good friends that you continued on with them into other club programs!

One of the key components of NTP is finding and developing that group of friends who are just discovering the triathlon sport and going on the crazy journey together. I met some my best friends through the Club and those friendships now extend beyond the realm of triathlon.

So thank you for the positive feedback about all that we are doing and trying to do for our members. This response made my week.


President | DC Triathlon Club