Reply To: Peasantman Finalized Schedule


Great question!  Hopefully others are thinking ahead too.

Thankfully you have another 2 hour ride under your belt so what I would recommend for you is to do your brick workout in place of the Peasantman Olympic triathlon.  If you can do your long run mid week (Wednesday or Thursday mid week in place of your mid week run), this would be ideal.  Then you can do a nice easy ride on Saturday, as well as the open water swim clinic and practice.  Finally, I would definitely recommend using your day off or make up day for the following week on Monday as a day to recover from your race.

For those who might be worried about missing your 2 hour ride, you can do your 2 hour ride this weekend instead.  Just keep it nice and easy to get in the distance/time.

Great question!  Look forward to seeing you there!