Reply To: Biking Heart Rate


Very impressive observations Julia!  This demonstrates you are working hard on heart rate zone training.  Nice work!

The answer is ‘it depends.’  Some people experience a difference in HR execution between indoor training and outdoor riding.  Some can get their HR up on the trainer but not outdoors.  Some can get their HR up outdoors but not on the trainer.

In your situation, it is likely due to your physiological make-up.  However, some of this is definitely due to riding in the city.  What I would recommend is practicing your HR execution on a ride where you aren’t stopping and starting as much and see how things work out.  For example, you might try your ride at Hains Point or heading out with a group ride like the DC Tri Club Saturday morning ride.

If you are finding a similar result, then I would recommend retesting outdoors (like Hains Point). What you don’t want to do is start riding with a heavier gear or all uphill to achieve this higher HR 🙂 Keep up the solid work!