Reply To: Running form 1:1 (halp, I'm heel striking!)


Thank you for coming to the running clinic at Peasantman.  It sounds like it was helpful for you to understand what is happening and why, not working, etc.  You can’t change something you don’t know!  Hopefully the clinic was informative!

Here are a couple of options for you.

  1.  In conjunction with a PT practice that I recommend (most I do not for the reason you stated), we are doing a running clinic and running analysis.  So we are actually putting someone on the treadmill, filming them and then talking through what is happening and how to make the appropriates changes to address the issues present. This would be a great clinic to attend as it goes deeper and more technical than a normal run form clinic.  You can also decide if a run video analysis might be what you need to get past your injury.  It will also give you exposure to Advanced Kinetics, where I recommend all of my individual athletes go for injury resolution because they actually watch you run, video your run and work on this all as part of your treatment process.  They will also work on breathing and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) that must happen for resolution of an injury. I don’t know any other PT practice that uses DNS as a treatment modality (and this is why most athletes often find their injuries unresolved or returning).  Here is the link:
  2. If you would like to reach out to me offline, I am happy to work with you one on one to address your specific form and try to get you healthy again!

After the clinic on Saturday, did anyone else take a look at your run cadence and find any interesting findings that they are willing to share? Thank you to everyone who came out.  It was a very engaged full house!  🙂