Reply To: Running form 1:1 (halp, I'm heel striking!)

David Knight

Great event this weekend at PeasantMan Triathlon, and thank you DC Tri Club.  Was at the event all weekend long, though I stayed in a dry hotel.  First, the clinics were great. The best was AJ’s running clinic.  You think you know everything and still have the problems associated with running. And it AJ who puts it in order for you. Simple advice to take, but not always taken (our lost).  I followed the advice of AJ, especially regarding that first HILL part of the run.  After that it was all down hill, figuratively speaking, and concentrated on all the mechanics, which did not let me down.  Thanks AJ.

Second, the open water swim is a must, even if you are seasoned.  It gets the cobwebs out of your head and makes for a better race day swim, and it did.

Third and Final, the race on Sunday.  Thank you to all the volunteers and DC Tri Club for a great race, it could not have been a better set up for a race.

Till the next race, see you all there.

David K