Reply To: Peasantman Follow Up


I was reminded that I need to practice swimming in a straight line! If I had a garmin I imagine my swim route would have been hilariously all over the place.

I am glad the Eagleman is flat, because I was not a fan of all those hills on the Kinetic course on the long ride and Peasantman itself. I managed my heart rate so it never spiked too high, but I never really settled into a consistent HR/rhythm and ended up going slower in the race than I could have (my average was in Zone 2)

My transitions were also SUPER slow. I blame the weather a bit because all my shoes ended up jumbled up inside a trash bag and I changed socks before the run, but I’ll probably practice transitions a few times on my own just to get more comfortable with the routine.

Overall, I was glad that I went to Peasantman this weekend. It was a good chance to test my nutrition on a consistent long ride where I could actually control the speed I was going (rather than having to slow down on the trails) and was pleased with my performance.