Reply To: Peasantman Follow Up


Fantastic feedback Liz!

  • Practice open water swimming.  There is no magic pill here.  You must make the effort to find open water and practice.
  • Practice hills.  Even if you are racing a flat race, hill training is the best way to train your HR, get stronger and faster (nature’s weight room) and they make the flat races much easier, mentally and physically.
  • Practice transitions.  They are free speed so the more prepared and organized that you are, the more efficient and faster you will move through transition.  Yes, set it up and practice!
  • Practice nutrition…particularly while riding outdoors!  It is very different than practicing nutrition while your bike is locked to a trainer.  You have the elements and terrain (and other athletes) to contend with.  There is nothing like real world practice.

Overall, nice work Liz!  You gained an incredible amount of experience out of making the effort to participate in the Peasantman weekend.  And now you know exactly where you are and where your opportunities continue to lie.  Go get em!