Reply To: Goal Race: Eagleman


Now we are talking!  Thank you for the few of you that jumped in.  I am sure everyone else is thankful as this is great discussion.

Given everyone’s feedback here, here are a few follow up thoughts/tips.

  1.  Yes, if the roads could be wet, it is always recommended to put slightly less PSI in your tires for better gripping on the road.  Joseph’s feedback on tires is one that I hope everyone takes to heart.
  2. If the roads could be wet, dial back your pacing.  While you may have excellent bike handling skills, you will be racing with 2999 other athletes that may not 🙂
  3. While it might not be as hot as usual, don’t be fooled by the cooler temperatures.  You still need electrolytes ((400-800 mg PER HOUR) even in cooler temperatures.  So if you are dialing back your electrolyte intake, be sure you are still getting in a sufficient, appropriate amount.
  4. While it might not be as hot as usual, don’t be fooled by the cooler temperatures.  This weather report is presenting with the similar (high) chance of wind.  Wind can really eat up your energy stores.  So not only do you need to stay on top of hydration, you might need to get in extra calories to make up for this (extra) deficit.
  5. With rain and wind in the forecast, let’s hope everyone trained in their race wheels (if you are using them) or whatever wheels are you racing with.  There have been plenty of opportunities this season to ride in wind (and rain).  However if you are a fair weather cyclist and haven’t chosen to put yourself in these elements, well, it’s too late to practice now.  Instead, dial back your pacing a notch.  The elements take a lot more out of you and it’s not something that can be simulated on a trainer.  Always better to be safe than sorry….

I am sure there is more to cover.  However this is a great start given the feedback received so far.  We have over 15 people in the HIP participating in Eagleman.  Let’s hope everyone is reading (despite responding) and ready.  It will be exciting to see so many DC Tri members out there.  So enjoy every minute of the experience!

Good luck to everyone!