Reply To: Term "LT"

Jorge Alvarez

I think this is a great question – perhaps Coah might be able to answer it better.

My feedback:

  • Our LT changes as we continue training. In my opinion, it should always improve as you are working harder the more you train, and your body should adjust to these changes, in a good way.
  • You could always re-take this LT test to see if you should increase this number or lower it, as you mentioned. In fact, I think the athlete’s guide and on some other places, it recommends to do this.

I also biked and ran yesterday (Sunday) and yes, it was miserable!! It also affected my HR and pace tremendously. I think it is normal to feel fatigue when the weather is as hot as it was yesterday. However, I dont think that necessarily means that your LT is wrong if you couldn’t get up to it. Lack of sleep, being tired, weather, amongst other things can easily affect this.

You can easily change your thresholds and zones within training peaks and your Garmin settings, but I think its best if you re-take the test. I believe its only 20 minutes or running.


  • Do you have a Garmin?
    • For instance, after long runs, sometimes my Garmin will ask if I want to change my threshold and zones (whether I went faster or slower).
    • Has your Garmin (assuming you have one) ever asked you for this change?
  • Reason why I am asking is because my threshold actually increased after training for a while and I changed it.

Hope this helps!