Reply To: Term "LT"


Great discussion!  Jorge is correct that your LT will change throughout the season.  Ideally we want it to go up.  However, as I always preach 🙂 what is the purpose of this workout?  The purpose of this workout is to learn how to pace and assess how you should best pace for your race.  Also, by doing race specific workouts, you minimize your risk for cramping.  Why?  Because many people train at one level and then race at another, asking your body to do something it is not prepared or trained to do.

Thus the purpose of this workout is to work towards your race day pacing.  I don’t know too many people who can perfectly race at threshold.  However, the more you practice, the better you will be able to pace come race day.  If you are assessing your HR zones to the talk test and perceived exertion and they feel correct, then they probably are.  This workout was to start ‘asking’ your body to feel what race day might feel like.  It’s also gathering information on how you pace.  Again, do you start to fast and fade?  Are you being too conservative and finish with a lot of extra energy?  This is what you were trying to understand from this workout, not specifically that you are deconditioning or that your targets need changed.  If you blow through your LT, then you know it needs to be adjusted.  Otherwise, this really is a test of learning how to pace and what is going to work best for you in about 1.5 weeks 🙂

I always go back to the ‘purpose.’  You should always know the purpose before taking on your workouts.   Nice work talking through this very important situation.  This tells me that you are paying attention and working hard! 🙂