Reply To: Buying a new bike!

Kate Ayoub

I’d recommend spending a couple of hours trying out different types of bikes. Ideally, on a weekday if you can swing it. Bike shops are usually pretty busy on the weekends.

Test riding bikes:

Try different frame types (aluminum vs carbon fiber vs aluminum with carbon fork).

Try different components (from cheapest to most expensive: Shimano sora < tiagra < 105 < ultegra)

That way you will know which frame type and component you want. The different brand bikes will have slight variations in geometry but will have the same frame type & components (for example Trek 105s and the same as Raleigh 105s).

If you know what frame and component you want, you can act quicker on a sale. Most entry-level cyclists get carbon fiber OR aluminum with a carbon fork with Shimano 105s.


You will get “sized” at the bike shop. They measure your inseam. It will let you know what size frame you can get.

Fitting is a more comprehensive process. Some bike shops (Bicycle pro shop is the only one I’m sure of) will offer free fittings with a bike purchase. Other bike shops will have bike fittings for $125-200+.

It is hard for bike shops to give you discounts on whole bikes, but you can sometimes negotiate tune-ups or fittings for a discount.

Best time to buy

Yes, the fall is a great time to buy. New models come out in Sept-Nov so stores will want to get rid of inventory

Off-season spin

It is a lot of fun! It’s a great way to jump-start your training. I have a hard time riding a stationary bike/trainer for over an hour, the classes made it a lot more do-able.