Reply To: Diamond in the Rough


Congratulations to everyone who raced yesterday!  What an amazing DC Tri turnout!  Not only was it fun to see so many familiar faces on the course, we had a great time hanging out with everyone afterwards at the tent.  Official records state that there was over 100 athletes that raced for DC Tri!

And, as I review the race results, we had several ODP participants on the podium (Judith) and two on top of the podium for their respective AG’s (Ashley and Romain).  Holy smokes!  Congratulations guys!  Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone else.  However we would love to hear from anyone or everyone who races, no matter how fast or slow.  Finishing is the victory, especially since this wasn’t an easy course.

For my individual coached athletes, post race I always ask them 3 questions.

  1.  What went well?
  2. What didn’t go as planned?
  3. Where do you still have opportunity?

Who would like to share their race experience and possibly throw out some helpful feedback on these race recap question?

Again, congratulations to everyone who raced on Saturday!  My favorite part was hearing from so many of you post race at the tent with your excitement, success and overall enjoyment for the sport.

Proud of you all!