Reply To: Diamond in the Rough

Jorge Alvarez


What a magical weekend – you all looked STRONG!

Romain, you looked strong during your run, I was impressed by how fast you were going. Impressive! I think you are ready now to do a half? dont waste any time, ha!

Thank you for those who came to dinner, it was great seeing most of you again, even if it was for a quick hello – even to those who were super hungry and came to the restaurant a little earlier 🙂 – the view was… AMAZING!

Now – how did you feel? What didnt go as planned?

I can tell you what didn’t go well for me – I completely missed the race. Lesson learnt, don’t take a sick doggo to a race – I was up most of the night taking care of her and left the hotel the morning of in such a rush that I completely forgot my front wheel (I was worried about not making it on time since I was 30 minutes out). Perhaps it was for the better as I then realized I had also left my electrolyte drink in the fridge (I could’ve done it without it), but I was in too much distress by the time I got to the race.

It was such a terrible time, but the highlight of all of this was seeing you all race. What an amazing experience to have been able to see you all in your element. It was amazing to see how many of us (DC Tri) were racing and I couldn’t stop yelling (GO DC TRI – YOU GOT THIS).

What’s next for y’all? Half? Full? Another Oly?