Reply To: Good Luck at IMLP


Dear Nicole,

This is why I LOVE what I do!  Your motivation and determination, not only at IMLP, but at life and the challenges thrown at you, you fought and you won!  Congratulations!  Way to pick yourself up, dust yourself on and carry on. I guess you had good practice to help your new IMLP teammate cross the finish line.

While this race recap really isn’t about offering feedback on what you could have or should have differently (you give this race 110%), there are so many lessons learned here.  Life really is like Ironman in so many ways!  The only thing I do want to throw out there is one question…did your bike nutrition consistent of any solid or whole foods? On the bike, this is a time to add some of those calories from complex carbs (boiled, salted potatoes, PB pretzel nuggets, etc) versus just simple sugars like gels and blocks.  This could be one of the reasons you ended up with intense GI issues.

That said, you had a lot of other variables going on.  However I did want to bring this up so anyone reading might be able to glean something helpful out of it for them (along with many other lessons of mental strength, mantras, etc).

In the end, congratulations on this victory.  This finish line really was a win in all aspects!  Onwards to IMMD!