Reply To: Good Luck at IMLP


My food on the bike was gels, chews, tailwind and a baggie of mixed real food- sourdough pretzel sticks, ginger snaps, almond snickers, kit kats, almond chocolate cups (think Reeces with almond butter) and chocolate covered ginger. I think for IMMD I’m going to leave the kit kats and snickers out and instead bring a wawa soft pretzel and more almond butter goodies. I trained with these items and didn’t have any issues.

I did get lax on my meds on the trip home and had similar, though not as intense,  GI issues.

That being said, I’d guess the issues were a result of a combination of meds, heat, nutrition and anxiety.

As far as clothing change, I’ve done it once and the last 3 were all in the same tri suit. I dont have a huge preference but if it’s cold, I need to do a full change.

I also recommend changing your socks for the run. It feels soooooo good.

I’d bring a headlamp for the morning setting up your bike and then toss it in run special needs. I’ve volunteered at IMMD a few times and the back half of the run course gets really dark.

Also, dont put anything you want back in either special needs bags. If you dont take it,  it gets thrown away.

I also always pack a baggie of a few meds I may need on the course: ibuprofen, antacid, imodium, salt anxiety med, gasX, and anti- nausea. I took imodium and anti nausea on the bike last week and though I was still sick, it could’ve been worse.