Reply To: Good Luck at IMLP


While I want to encourage others to join in the conversation, I must step in.  It is NEVER recommended to take medications before or during a race.  Despite masking bigger issues, it can also cause GI issues.  Here is a great article that talks to many of the most common GI issues associated with racing.

4) Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) and Aspirin pre-race: Chronic use of these drugs has been shown to damage the intestinal wall and increase incidence of GI disturbances.’

Also, whole food options like boiled, salted potatoes not only cut the sugar however provides longer lasting energy versus simple sugars.  Simple sugars provide 1 unit of energy.  Whole food options provide 100 – 100 units of energy.  It’s the big log in the fire (versus the kindling).

Otherwise, great insights into IMMD and how to plan appropriately!  Thanks Nicole!