Reply To: Good Luck at IMLP

Ryan Vaart

Great race reports from both Joe and Nicole!  I love to hear about overcoming all of the obstacles along the way to an Ironman finish, and am super-impressed by both Nicole beating the “I’m not going to finish” demon and Joe managing a long run despite a season-long nagging injury.  Well done to you both!

As for clothes, I’ve changed into running gear in all three of my IMs.  I’ve never been especially comfortable running in my tri suit (that pad, no matter how thin, still seems to get annoying after a while), and I’m more than willing to give up a minute in the transition area to put on some dry, looser fitting running gear.  And YES to clean, dry socks!!!!  I do swim in my trisuit, however — unless its frigid (last year’s Placid 70.3 air temp was 33 degrees), I’m ok with starting my bike in wet gear.  If air temp is <50, though, I’m probably changing into dry clothes before my ride…