Reply To: purpose of kick sets?


By the way, you still need to know how to kick…properly! And how do you know if you are kicking properly and efficiently if you don’t ever practice it?  Consider it a drill just like everything else.  Even if you are perfect at front quadrant swimming, it doesn’t mean that you don’t continue to do the catch up drill and other drills to address it.  Maybe through by doing the swim golf drill you find that you are gliding too long in the water and it’s actually hurting you instead of helping you.  Or perhaps you find that you are not gliding enough.  You don’t know if you don’t try.

And for the kick drills, this is a perfect time to work on kick efficiency (versus wildly hard, sprint like kicking).  Or perhaps you are someone that bicycle kicks without knowing it. Unless you practice the drills, you might never know…

Again, practice makes perfect even for long time swimmers.