Reply To: Bike Baseline/Threshold Testing

Jorge Alvarez

Justin – Hains Point is the perfect place for this, good option – hope it is not too windy as that might make it a bit more difficult and your test may or may not be as accurate. However, this is a test you can retake at any time.

Your cadence and speed sensor should help with this, especially with your HR threshold. For instance, I know my max speed can be up to 23mph, anything after that, I know I am going over my HR threshold and I start to bunk. During a race, I know to stay around 19-20mph as I know I will be compromising my HR, etc. I am not sure how the iWatch app works, but the Garmin connect app gives you a summary of how the workout went (max hear rate, speed, cadence, etc.)

I know you mentioned you will look into this after this season, but here is a link for the different power meters you can get LINK – I think it is amazing to find out how much power we put on each pedal strike and to see which leg is stronger. If you belong to a gym, I would ask if they have a bike that measures this – it is fascinating info.

BUT – like Coach mentioned, the lactate threshold is more important – you want to get as close to accuracy as possible so you can then have a better understanding and info on your zones.