Reply To: Bike Pedal Position/Angle


Great question!  And it’s an important one because it not correctly, foot pedaling position could lead to injury.  That said, don’t overthink it either.  You just want to keep your foot in a neutral position throughout the pedal stroke.  If you are a toe pointer, this would be a great drill to start working on as toe pointing can lead to overuse certain muscles and lead to injury.

Some athletes will tell you to work on ankling.  It’s worth reading about it.   However this skill is suggesting that much of your upstroke can come from your heal position.  Instead, I would recommend that you work on the neuromuscular connection to engage the proper muscles to help do this instead (hamstring, gluts, etc).

So keep a relatively neutral foot and work on engaging the proper muscles to execute the most efficient and effective pedal stroke.  Great question!  And perhaps our master cyclist of the group might have other recommendations 🙂