Reply To: Zipper vs Fingertip Drag

Jorge Alvarez

Hi Coach – sorry, I didn’t mean about the drill but more of keeping a high elbow technique as it is so incredibly hard to do this while swimming in open, choppy water.

  • Is it that it releases tension on your shoulders when you are in the recovery part of it and have a high elbow to help with this?
  • Is it to also keep a high elbow for your catch under water?
    • Meaning, getting used to it either way – above or below water?
  • Is there a big difference with keeping your arm long/fully extended during the recovery phase in open water?
    • Assuming this will also make your elbow sink in first if you have an extended arm during the recovery phase

I do practice this technique almost every time I swim and I find it very useful. Something else that has helped me a lot is raising my shoulder during my catch – I learnt this from one of the master swim coaches and a post on the FB group he posted.