Reply To: Run Cadence

Justin Kraeger

Word of caution…..stretch! After figuring out my run cadence and running with correct form for the first time in….well maybe ever, I pulled my calf muscle. I have adjusted my training (took a few days of running off and supplemented with EASY bike workouts and swim) and have been stretching, foam rolling, and applying heat after initial 24-48 hours.

With all that said, I am convinced that the uses of some new muscles with proper form and a lack of full commitment of stretching prior to lead to the slight pull.

Just a heads up for those that may be changing their form slightly or significantly to stretch to protect those muscles that may be getting some more use as a result. I mean I should have been stretching a bit more effectively to begin with but that change in form can have a big impact.

Coach AJ – not sure if you have a take here since Im just make giant assumptions!