Reply To: Clinic Days – March 8 & 15

Jorge Alvarez

Thank you, Coach, for the reminder about clinic days, especially the first one coming up. I highly encourage everyone to attend – as you can see, we will cover great information during both clinics. One thing to highlight (all topics are important) is that you get 2 swim stroke analysis. You can put into practice the feedback received on Sunday during next week’s workout(s), then come back for the second clinic to get more feedback and hope you have improved your stroke.

Also, to highlight what Coach mentioned re. time – as you can see, we have a lot of participants/programs/topics going on during both clinics – I encourage everyone to print/download and take a look at the clinic handouts already posted on our site under you the Olympic Distance Program; write down questions you may have, be concise, and try to get the most out of these clinics.

See you all on Sunday!