Reply To: Strength training / running form resources


Great feedback Kevin!  And it’s timely since we will be discussing all of this on Sunday!  So please come out for this very vital clinic.

That said, science has proven that it takes 10,000+ repetition to change old habits and begin to ingrain new form.  We will not discourage you from focusing on this for one workouts per week.  However if you want to really make running form second nature, we recommend that you warm up and cool down with a focus on the running drills for every run workout.  And if you can even focus on the metronome for 1 minute every 10 minutes of your run workouts, this will help towards these 10,000+ repetitions.  Basically, you must take a long, deep focus to change old habits instilled 20-30+ years ago.  So the more often you work on the drills and SLOWLY run to your metronome, the better.

Again, we will be focusing on optimal running form at the clinic this Sunday.  See you then!