Reply To: Clinic Day – March 15 CANCELLED


Thank you Mark for your thoughtful response.  Please know we did not take this decision lightly.  However we all must do our part to minimize the impact and spread of the Coronavirus.  Thus this did seem to be the right and responsible decision.

Also appreciate your feedback on your running form.  To be honest, you were not likely to get this much detail during the running form clinic anyways.  It tends to me much more general, in terms of mechanics, because most people are still at this place.

That said, I hope to start working on the running mechanics (and likely integrate injury prevention together) presentation (as soon as I dig out of this week’s fallout of race cancellations).  Thus this feedback is helpful as I will make an effort to share progressions for those who have been working on their drills daily and integrating the new form into their run workout.  Please note, initially speed will falter.  However once your new mechanics are second nature (ie practiced repeatedly with drills to fulfill your ~10,000+ repetitions), striking under your center of mass is where your power comes from. So speed will follow.  However it must be ingrained first and foremost.  Thus the daily static drills (and lots and lots of practice) are key.

Again, thank you for your understanding!  And as soon as I learn some new IT and get the presentations completed, we will get some online training scheduled in the near future.

Stay safe out there everyone!