Reply To: Any Pools Open?

Vanessa Teitelbaum

I’m in the same boat; I usually swim with L4 Swimming Masters at AU. Last workout is tomorrow (Sunday March 15) from 8-9:30 am. If you are registered with US Masters, come join! Starting March 16th, AU is closing until May 5. Shriver Aquatic Center is closing March 16-27 (for now). Wilson is usually my other option, but as you note it’s closed too. I may be able to swim at Sports & Health if they stay open (my husband is a member) or at a Kenwood Country Club (as a guest of friends). I hope not to have to completely stop swimming, but if so I will take AJ’s advice and get more time in the saddle (my weakness), do more drills, foam rolling, pilates, and sleep! I might consider a local lake if I can find one and use a wetsuit. We’ll see! Hang in there.