Reply To: Any Pools Open?

Since this situation is fluid and ever-changing and swimming options are limited for most, it’s helpful to consider alternative recommendations including:
1. Dryland Swimming Drills – (Please be sure to do these exercises at a slow, conscious pace so you don’t injure yourself.  And you can skip the walking handstand)
2. Strength Training – This is often the one thing that slides from week to week or punted altogether due to time constraints.  Yet we know this is an area in need of (regular) attention.  Whether it’s to minimize your risk for injury or promote bone density into older age, we know the overwhelming benefits of functional strength training.  Ironically, here are some strength training options that double as dryland swimming drills 🙂
3.  Cross Training  – Activities like yoga and Pilates have a wealth of benefit.  If in-person classes are restricted right now, there are an abundance of online options. Yoga can double as an opportunity to secure some meditation time.  We all know we can use a good dose of that right now! 
4.  Recovery – With some extra time, here is an opportunity to focus on activities like foam rolling or even a well deserved day off.
5. Area of Weakness – With training for two or three sports, there is always an area of weakness or imbalance.  If cycling is your weak link, take this flux period for some focused saddle time.  If running is your thing yet you know your mechanics are not spot on, add in some extra time to work on static running drills and/or easy workouts solely focused on mechanics.  
6. Sleep –  If you have been reading anything out there about the current health crisis, one of the most important recommendations is to ensure you are getting (more than) adequate sleep. Why?  It boosts your immune system so you are better able to ward off colds, viruses and the like.  Focusing on a little extra sleep could be just what you need to find some extra speed too!