Reply To: Training Plan Alternatives

Jorge Alvarez

Jason to the rescue!!

I just saw the email from Master Swim Program (MSP) that their 5:45am session is on tomorrow – here is the message posted on their FB page:

Swimmers, as of today our Wednesday AM session at UDC is ON. We are taking things day by day so please keep looking here for updates.


As a reminder, if you choose to come to the AM practice, our current guidelines are as such:

1) If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (regardless of severity) or if you are/have been in contact with those who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, do NOT come to the pool

2) Cover your nose and mouth when coughing.

3) When coming to the wall at the end of an interval, aim your face away from others. Often we are breathing hard and can spit water into the faces of others.

4) If you live with immunocompromised individuals, be aware that coming to the pool can increase your risk of exposure to COVID-19.

5) Spread out in the changing room.

If you feel uncomfortable AT ALL with coming to the pool, please stay home. Swim training can wait until after this threat has diminished.


Few things to consider:

  • If first time attending MSP – then it will be at no cost to you; however, you still need to sign up for the session (go to and search for master swim program)
  • We should absolutely take this pandemic very seriously. My family is in lock-down in Madrid – they can’t even leave their homes as police are all over the place and sanctioning those who venture out
    •  government is also not releasing actual deaths caused by this pandemic in Spain
  • If you live in DC, you will notice that restaurants, coffee bars, etc., are only taking to-go orders
  • Coach AJ absolutely came to the rescue with dry-land exercises (was about to ask that)
    • Highly recommend to chose these exercises over exposing yourself to something that could potentially be worse – your health is more important but we leave this at your discretion

Aside from the lack of swimming – how is everyone’s training going? Today is supposed to be a gorgeous day – maybe a ride outside?