Reply To: Covid-19 Workout Recommendations


Great question Megan!  First off, I am pleased to hear that you are out there taking advantage of the fresh air and fantastic spring weather!

I don’t think there is a perfect answer here.  Once I had a man drafting off of me (and a riding partner) on MacAurthur Blvd without a helmet.  We gave him a few looks and he wouldn’t back off. We slowed down.  He slows down.  We asked him to go around us.  He wouldn’t.  It was very obvious he was not going to stop drafting so we did have to be very direct with him.  We told him that it was a true safety issue with him drafting at a fairly decent pace with no helmet (or riding in general without a helmet) and told him to stop.  We got some mean words in return but he rode on.

When it’s a true safety issue, I do think you need to do what you need to do even if that’s being direct or even harsh.  It’s a different world right now and we have to protect ourselves and even those who don’t seem to want to protect themselves (or others).

As the saying always goes, ‘Safety first’ and this is especially true in this current environment.  Continue to be safe and enjoy the fact that you have a healthy hobby allowing you to keep healthy (and sane)! 🙂