Reply To: Landmark workout?


Strong work Mark and Kevin!  You both exceed the half marathon distance so you should feel much more confident!  This is proof that consistency is key.  Both of you have been working hard and stuck to your routine.  This has allowed you to gradually build allowing you to accomplish the half marathon distance before even hitting peak week.

Because analyzing data is something I love to do, I took a peak at your data.  This is where I can offer some feedback that everyone can benefit from.  First off, nice work Mark.  Not only has your hard work been paying off for improved running biomechanics (allowing you to get to this point injury free), you were able to realize some good, purposeful efforts in zone 3.  For Kevin, you have some speedy wheels! Kevin is fast (so the 10 min/mile pacing does not apply to you!).  However I would recommend you dial back your distance for the next few long workouts (since you already hit your long run needs) and really focus on your running biomechanics.  At your speed on those biomechanics is a dangerous recipe for injury.

So if anyone is on the same trajectory as Mark and Kevin, now that you have hit the distance, look at what else needs to be refined and take the next few weeks to hit your long run (no more than 14 miles needed) at the optimal pacing or ideal running biomechanics.  If you haven’t yet hit the half  marathon distance for your long run (which is fine because it’s not schedule to do so for another few weeks), take a good lesson from Mark and Kevin as hard, consistent work is key.

Great work all and keep up the helpful communications. It keeps us all motivated during this time!