Reply To: Training Plan Alternatives

Brett Werblow

AJ, thanks for starting the conversation around swimming alternative workouts.  I’ve been doing ~20 mins of stretch cords & core work in place of my swimming workouts.  Really anything to just get the traps to fire and activate for a given period of time.

I am on a little different schedule that most in the group, since my race isn’t until the end of August (& still on the books).  My training plan just kicked in this week and as it relates to the plan in Training Peaks & swim workouts, where do you recommend we pick up once pools or bodies of water open up again?  Say I am in week 6 of training but haven’t swam in 3 months, should i sub that weeks swim with the swim workouts from week 1?  I feel i had a good off-season & base built up prior to it shutting down, but any advice here would be appreciated so i don’t over do it.  thanks.