Reply To: Mid Season Check In

Kirsten Hillyer

I do have a few Garmins (an Edge 520 plus and a fenix 5s plus). How do I set recurring reminders? I need them because I do not drink consistently while biking.

For biking, I don’t have a trainer at home so I have been forced to be outside since the whole covid shutdown started. I am fairly new to cycling and not the most comfortable on a bike. So I have taken this opportunity to become more comfortable and I feel that I am much better of cyclist now than 2 months ago. I have found getting out early is the best and getting out in less than ideal weather. I was out on my bike on Sunday when the rain was starting to clear and rode the Anacostia river trail up college park (i did the stage 3 – tour de DCTC route). Then on Tuesday night I rode in the rain around Haines Point and almost had it to myself. My bike is now very dirty but I also now know what wet brakes feel like and that clipping in and out in wet conditions is a challenge.

AJ – How do you eat that many calories while on the bike? For me, I am 130lbs and considering how fast I ride that means I have to eat/drink 300 to 400 calories while completing the bike portion on race day. A bottle of nuun endurance is 60 (nuun sport is only 10) and a packet of honey stinger chews is 160. So even if I drink 2 whole bottles (given I drink less than 1 right now but planning on fixing, 32+ oz seems like a lot in 1.5ish hours) and eat a whole package of chews I am only at 280 calories.