Reply To: Mid Season Check In

Justin Kraeger

Hey there people!

Training has been a bit of a struggle and not necessarily because of the COVID pandemic. I have actually found more structure and time for my routine since this whole thing went down, but I have struggled with some injuries and with shelter in place orders, I have not been able to make it to a doctor or PT.

I had a few muscle strain/pulls that occurred all during my run days. I have been routinely paying close attention to run form, participating in form drills, and making sure I am keeping a 180-190 cadence. After dealing with these muscle strains, I have now come down with some ankle issues that I am PRAYING is not a stress fracture. With that all said, with no pool and having to essentially shut down my runs, I am going to be beastly on the bike. My ankle injury is not impacted or made worse by biking, in fact it often feels better after rides. I have been basically splitting my time with lots of road riding early in the morning and during rainy days to avoid crowds and when I cant get outside using an indoor trainer. On run days I am trying to mimic intensity based on what the workout intensity looks like. Swim days essentially have turned into cross training days with strength training and yoga.

Overall, I feel as though my fitness level had drastically improved and before being shut down by my injuries, I have never felt as strong or as fast on my runs. I see that Rev3 Williamsburg has been postponed until August so I am hopeful that after a break of a few weeks from running and the ability to get to a doctor or PT facility that I will have some time to ramp up the swim/run portion of training.

Coach AJ – any tips on how to handle a shutdown of 2 out of three disciplines due to the pool restrictions and some injury concerns?