Reply To: Proper Swim Technique & OWS Strategies Webinar


Pleased to see that you are still paying attention to your swim stroke!  It’s easy to write off the swim right now.  However, like we have been talking about with this extra training time with the rescheduled race data, this is an opportunity to do the quality training.  Dig into the fine points not just check the box of the workout.  Watch swim videos to better understand swim technique is one of them.

As for question, these training tools can be helpful if you struggle with dropping your elbow (the vast majority of us).  They force you to ‘feel the water’ with your forearm, which in turn maintains the high elbow catch.  So if this is a targeted area of improvement or focus for you, they can be a good training tool.  However, like everything else, slow down your pace and really focus on the purpose you are trying to achieve (versus rushing through).

Keep up the hard work Jorge!  Is anyone else take the opportunity to focus on how they can continue to fine tune their swimming stroke?  If so, how are you doing so?