Reply To: Race postponed: what to do?

Juene Rader

It looks like we have a new Eagleman date.  That said, since it’s concurrent with the full, and lodging is nearly non-existent, I panic got something, just to have something.  Free cancellation of course.

I’d like to revisit training plans options now that there is something specific to re-gear towards.  I applaud everyone who stuck with the training plan and fine tuned stuff during these times….that wasn’t me.  I did whatever made me happy and ignored any though of a detailed schedule.  But I’m ready to get back to a schedule.
Mechanically, what are my options to change the goal date in training peaks and shift the training plan to the right to align with a new race, Eagleman or another?  That’s great that the club was trying to negotiate something with training peaks, I assume if it hasn’t been done, it won’t.  Or is there an update in this that I missed?   I assume I can throw my money at the problem and extend the subscription a few months?
Since this was all done through the club, I wanted to start here first.