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Greetings Abigail,

As a running and triathlon coach and schooled occupational therapist, who has been working with and rehabbing athletes for decades now, it is my recommendation that you seek the guidance of a good sports minded physical therapist NOT an orthopedic surgeon.  Doctors diagnose (not so much treat).  And surgeons like to cut 🙂  Because of this, doctors fall back plan is usually to tell you to stop doing a certain activity.

On the other hand, physical therapists diagnose and treat both injuries and the imbalances/compensations that develop.  It’s guaranteed after 3 reconstruction surgeries you can bet you have imbalances and compensations and it’s likely (part of) the cause of your hip pain.  And it’s their work to ensure you get back to your activity!  Your PT can then guide you to whether an Ortho or Ortho surgeon is needed.  In fact, there are so many regenerative options available these days that surgery really is a very last resort and seldom needed.

In order to retrain the required neuromuscular pathways (and not just the muscular like most PT practices are trained to do), I recommend the following physical therapy practice.  They accept most insurances too!

Advanced Kinetics & Sports Performance

Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery!