Reply To: Returning to the water


Another week and more good weather.  Has anyone else been able to make their way for some open water swimming? How was your experience?

Since I am seeing lots of data for open water swimming now, perhaps it would be helpful to share OWS opportunities.  Please add any other options that you know of or have used.

  1. Sandy Point
  2. Lake Arrowhead in Luray
  3. Cunningham Falls State Park in Frederick MD
  4. Lake Anna, VA
  5. Aquia Landing Park in Stafford County
  6. Beverly Triton State Park in Maryland
  7. Hammerman Beach north of Baltimore
  8. Buckroe Beach in Hampton
  9. Breezy Point Beach in Calvert County

Please be sure to research each option before heading out as some have restrictions or close when parks reach their capacity. This has been happening regularly at Sandy Point and it also happened in Cunningham Falls this past weekend when I was there.  However perhaps you can make a weekend out of it.  Grab your tent, bike, OWS gear and get out of town for a social distancing, active weekend!

Has anyone else found other OWS options?