Reply To: Virtual Race?


Thank you for the follow up.  First off, it sounds like you had decent energy levels throughout the race. This is good news!

That said, what I was hoping to see was actual numbers (ie 275 calories per hour on the bike, as an example).  Perhaps you know this.  If you do not, or if anyone reading this does not, you should have a strong grasp on your specific nutrition plan numbers at this point in training.  Most triathletes are surprised how many calories they need to intake for the bike leg of their race!

Another potential area for concern is that this is a very simple sugar heavy nutrition plan. I know you are pacing faster than most of us.  However in a race setting, a nutrition plan like this could lead to GI issues since it’s nothing but simple sugars.  For most triathletes, particularly if you are going to be out on the course longer, I recommend a nutrition plan that includes some whole food calories that often can be savory, salty.  These options will help cut the sugar on the bike so that you haven’t expired your sugar quota by the time you get to the run, when you need the simple sugars.

This is exactly why we do practice races!  Great work, Romain, undertaking this practice race so we could dig into the data and outcomes.  Julia, you are up next! Good luck with our practice half Ironman this weekend!

Anyone else planning a practice race?