Reply To: Virtual Race?


Happy post race day, Julia!  How did it go?  Was your practice race successful? How did you feel?  Did you enjoy the experience?

What I always like to ask athletes after any type of race, tune-up, practice, virtual or an actual race, are 3 important questions.

  1.  What went well?
  2. What didn’t go as planned?
  3. Where do you still have opportunity?

Very proud of you for taking on both a race and nutrition plan in advance of your race.  Hopefully those plans set you up for a solid race and will guide your ability to respond to the questions presented above.

In addition, everyone is dealing with the heat and humidity these days.  What are you doing to respond? How have you changed or adjusted your training? How would you adjust for your race day?

Remember, the whole point of a training program is to gain as much education and experience to have you as prepared as possible for your chosen distance. We never guaranteed only a successful race.  Since you are gaining more ‘participation’ time, let’s keep learning!

And let’s congratulate Julia (and Romain) for taking on a well deserved, hard earned practice race! You are both winners!