Reply To: Virtual Race?


Thanks for all of the helpful insights, Ryan!  I was hoping that this would elicit some conversations since there are a lot of golden nuggets in Ryan’s post.  He has years of vast experience so hopefully everyone took note.  A few key points…

  1. Ryan gave a huge plug for Heart Rate Zone Training.  I was thrilled to see how many of you joined for this online training two weeks ago.  If anyone missed the webinar, here is the link to listen in: Heart Rate Zone Training & Optimal Pacing Seminar Recording
  2. Great nutrition tips!  Even if that means you must set an alarm to remind yourself to get it in even if you are not hungry nor thirsty.
  3. Heat & Humidity (and dew point): Yep, it is upon us and we are required to slow down our overall pace. If not decoupling takes over.  And if you don’t know what decoupling is, see #1.
  4. Hydration Vest: I second the running vest with hydration bladder. I rarely walk out the door without it.  I use the Osprey Dyna because I run mostly trails (including in the winter).  This vest allows for taking on and off layers, stuffing (particularly snacks for my trail races, etc.  It’s probably not the compression fit like the Nathan VaporKrar (which I am very interested in learning how it works for you Ryan).  However it’s tried and true and has seen many, many miles.

This seems to be a great discussion that everyone can resonate with.  What are you tricks for heat and humidity?  How do you adjust your training?  And hopefully virtual racing?

Happy Fourth!