Reply To: Virtual Race?

Brett Werblow

Congrats on completing your practice races Romain & Julia.  Learning from what you guys have done will certainly help me when I do mine at the end of August.  My race, the Traverse City 70.3 was just cancelled last week.  I am still going to finish out the training program & complete the race that day with my family being the support crew in northern Michigan.

Since a lot of you have mentioned how the heat has effected the workouts lately, I can second those thoughts.  I have done a “sweat test” on a couple of hour long, Z2 efforts on both the bike and run and feel like that has helped keep me feeling good.  I think I’m a high sweater and dialed it in to taking about 24 oz/hour on the bike.

Coach – question for you with the HR zones that i should’ve asked during your webinar.  I am realizing that my running Z2 pace has decreased from 10:00min/mile to ~9:20/mile (its working -yah!).  However, when i am doing tempo or threshold efforts – I feel like i have a lot more in the tank.  Is it worth re-testing my zones during mid training program to dial them in?  I saw that you have a re-test 3 or 4 weeks before “race day” on the program, but I wonder if I should it more frequently since I may have not been the best tester the first time around.

Thanks and happy 4th to you all.  Stay safe.