Reply To: Virtual or Practice Race?

Megan Tuncer

As of right now, my race is still on the schedule. I’m not incredibly optimistic, but I genuinely love training, so I’m sticking with the plan until I’m forced to adjust. I figure either way, I’m getting some good learning out of it.

I did a mock half about a month ago (I think?), and it’s the first DNF I’ve ever had! I definitely wasn’t keeping up with hydration the way that I needed to and ended up having some bizarre cramping in my abs that made it super hard to breath. Has anyone had this before? I’m used to calf or quad craps…not my abs seizing up.

Anyways, after that weekend, I got a new Nathan hydration pack, and I haven’t had any issues since. I figure this might be the way we’re racing for a bit, so it was worth the investment (it was $75 so really not bad). I love it. I also have started “training to the course” in terms of nutrition, and I’m now getting my body more used to those drinks mostly. For example, I’m on the Gatorade Endurance train now (although I swear you can TASTE the extra sodium – it’s gross if you don’t need it), and I’ve started bringing back the half Red Bull/half water bottles (a la Gwen Jorgensen). I’m not usually a RB person, but it’s comforting to know EXACTLY how my body will respond to it if it’s offered in a race.

Otherwise, I typically stick with what I know best: bananas, honey stinger chews and waffles, fig bars, pop tarts (long rides only), and liquid calories. OH – and these amazing bars that a cycling friend shared with me: <span></span&gt;

Does anyone else know any good food that you can make in a kitchen and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I’m an ambassador for HS, so I get incredible discounts, but otherwise some of this stuff can get expensive! I used to make rice cakes in college, but these cookie bars take up less space in my pocket. Very open to any suggestions.