Reply To: Virtual Race?


Thanks Mark for the update!  Yes, you must decide for yourself if you want to race (if the race moves forward) and your risk profile.  Most triathletes I have talked to feel similar to you so you are not alone!

That said, were you able to take on a virtual or tune-up race to put all of your hard work to practice?

Finally, if you want to change your running mechanics, hopefully I drove this home in my online training.  You can’t do it while on the fly (ie running).  Running mechanics require you to take a step back and practice drills, drills, and more drills.  In order to override old habits and ingrain new, it won’t happen if you try to do it while running (particularly with a half marathon training plan).  You must rewire the neuromuscular system and this really only happens when you do so with static, conscious practice.

This has actually been my favorite coaching season.  Why?  Because without a big race looming, athletes are actually taking the time to refine running mechanics, dial in nutrition, fine tune pacing, actually learn to apply heart rate zone training, etc.  For those taking the opportunity to address any of these areas of opportunity this season will only be a much stronger, successful triathlete when races do resume.

How has been working hard on one of these areas of opportunity?  Any tips?