Reply To: 2020 Successes and Learnings

Megan Tuncer

Yes! I love all of this! I’m going to have to check out “Be with Champions” – I’ve actually been doing the same. I’ve loved the weekly podcasts from Triathlete Mag and also recently discovered “The REAL Triathlon Podcast” (I listen on Spotify). It’s mostly pros talking about their experience being pros. It can sometimes be really serious rather than uplifting, but I kind of enjoy that. I also read the book “Go Gwen, Go,” written by Gwen Jorgensen’s mom/sister about her tri journey – I would highly recommend it!


I’m so glad that you’ve found yourself loving the parts of tri/life that I think we all tend to take for granted when we’re not in a pandemic. I’ll definitely be ready to give some high fives soon enough 🙂