Reply To: 2020 Successes and Learnings

Nick Waldrup

Wow, so much good information here!! Who would have thought that a season with virtually no races could be so beneficial and fun? Thanks Megan for starting this thread, I think it’s important to reflect on all the good things in spite of the dumpster fire that is 2020.

Sharing some of my experiences:

  1. I have learned the hard way that supplemental core/glute work is non-negotiable. At the start of the season I still had a nagging IT band issue and since then I went to PT, got a running analysis done, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, continued consistently and diligently doing core and glute exercises. I know it is easy to dismiss but when your hard work and progress is halted because you didn’t do your clamshells, it’s very disheartening. So now I do about 30 minutes of core and/or glute work almost every day, I try and make it part of my daily routine.
  2. I got a new (to me) bike that I’ve started riding and I love it!! Such a world of difference from my starter bike, it really gave me a new love for riding. Now to just sink money into upgrades haha.
  3. Speaking of Podcasts (thanks for the recommendation Jason!), I pretty much exhausted the Triathlon Training Podcast by Eric Schwartz a few months ago and it has a ton of good info (though it’s slightly dated). From personal experiences and race notes from Eric – which are super helpful, to speaking to professional athletes, bike fit experts, running experts, shoe people, nutrition people, it covers almost everything and more!
  4. Training has kept me sane (for the most part lol) in these crazy times. When you can’t go out and socialize like normal, these workouts were pretty much therapy for me. It was good to get out, clear my head, see something other than my living room, and breathe some fresh air.

Congrats Jason on the podium, that’s exciting! You are in an elite category for the year haha.

And Coach AJ, congrats on completing the GVRAT, that sounds like a tremendous experience and a great accomplishment!